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The digital way.

.وبالعربي كمان

This is me

I am an advertising and marketing professional with 14+ years of creative and strategy experience in various sectors. Recognized for demonstrating a hybrid way of work within different departments, be it creative, social and digital or strategy, as well as for innovative initiatives and business development
Professional focal points include business transformation, entrepreneurship, digital transformation, program management, social media communication, innovative marketing campaigns, creative platform development and brand building. 

Strategic Planning  Creative Direction Content Creation  Branding  Social Media Strategy Digital Marketing   User Interface Design   User Experience Design  Social Strategy   E-commerce   Media Planning  Digital Communication Planning and more...

Platform-specific, highly shareable, innovative, strategy-informed content that cuts through on social and delivers industry-leading ROI. That, and very punny if needed.

I create campaigns
and platforms for brands

One of those to mention are Samsung's famous Galaxy A #IAmLikeThis, McDonald's Arabia #MeltTheIce and British American Tobacco's Dunhill Tastemakers in the Middle East. 

Clients &


Some of the renowned brands that I've worked on during my career


Currently freelancing my way with some brands in the region


you can start a chat with me and we can take it from there!